Our extrememly low personnel turnover =
Consistency + Reliability + Reduced Cost for you.

Expert ESRI Arcsde and Oracle Spatial Administration and Development at a fraction of the cost!

GIS DBA is a VAR (Value Added Reseller) of Oracle, Microsoft, ESRI, MKS, Sun Microsystems, IBM, and Hewlett Packard products. We offer the following services & product groups:

  1. Official Oracle, Microsoft, ESRI Software licensing & education as well as our own database design, development, installation, RAC & DBA services.
  2. GIS design, development & support using ESRI products such as ArcInfo, ArcGIS Server (Arcsde & Arcims) in conjunction with databases such as Oracle & SQL Server.
  3. Web mining & web marketing services for businesses & organizations that seek to leverage the internet to grow their business.

Because we understand business needs we can help you to create and integrate effective computer systems that will put you in control and years ahead of your competition. Since we also offer a comprehensive array of mainstream software and hardware, GIS DBA can help you navigate the operational complexity involved in aquiring, configuring and interfacing these heterogenous products and leave you free to focus on your core business tasks.

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The complete solutions we provide include software and hardware products from companies with whom we have established relationships.

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